Changes Coming to Construction Lien Act Ontario 2019

In 2017, Ontario Legislation passed the Construction Lien Act 2017. This act was created to introduce significant changes to the Ontario construction lien regime. The goal is to reduce the number of delays in the construction as well as establishing a mechanism for dispute resolution so that construction liens don’t need to go to courts. While the act was passed in 2017, in recent years, there have been some rule changes that will improve the experience for clients and construction companies. The first set of changes has already been in effect; the second set is taking effect on October 1, 2019.
Rule Changes for the Construction Lien Act Ontario 2019

City of Toronto Home Energy Loan Program

Energy costs always seem to be rising. For this reason, the Home Energy Loan Program was created. Homeowners want to make improvements to their home that will make their home more energy efficient. The problem is that many of these improvements can be very expensive, and the homeowner may not be able to afford to do these upgrades. However, HELP is the program that can give these homeowners the relief they need.
What is the HELP (Home Energy Loan Program)?
The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) allows homeowners in Toronto to get a low-interest loan for home energy improvement projects. This loan is up to $75,000 and covers a variety of different improvements, including:

Helping yourself select the right windows and doors

Window and Door Choices

If you are looking to create a new home, or upgrade an existing one, it’s important that you choose the best possible windows and doors. These fixtures help set the tone for the room. For example, an ornately carved wooden door might be a good way to enter a grand library while a sleek black door might be better suited to the bedroom. This article will help you pick the perfect windows and doors to suit your room, discussing everything from installation to functionality.

Don't miss these paint colours in 2019

Hey Toronto - are you planning some painting for your home?

If so: there are many parts of the painting experience to be planned and prepped for, from brushes and equipment, to setup and all the of painter’s plastic, to washing off paint-splattered hands afterwards. One of the most fun pieces of the puzzle can sometimes be one of the most befuddling: picking a colour.

The paint store can quickly become an overwhelming experience as you sort through hundreds of obscurely named shades of eggshell barely distinguishable from one another.

Build the lake front property of your dreams

Build The Lake Front Property Of Your Dreams

Whether you want to build your own cottage, develop a lake-front property or simply erect your own home – you will find it more of a challenge than you ever thought possible. With a little luck and a whole load of planning these challenges can be overcome and you might just be left with your dream home... if you choose the right construction firm, of course!

Building your home is stressful, complicated and time consuming – so unless you are prepared for the battle it might be a better idea to have someone else build your home for you. In any case you will need an expert team to assist you with the logistics of the build or it will all go downhill fairly quickly. Cottages are tricky enough to build as it is – but what if your property is perched on water? How do you go about facilitating a waterfront build? We might just have the answers if you are willing to do a little reading...

Build new or renovate to save money

Understanding the New Build/Substantial Renovation Tax Rebate

If you are a new home owner or in proud possession of a newly renovated property then you may be eligible to claim the GST/HST New Housing Rebate in Toronto – but what is this rebate and how do you apply for it? Read on to find out...

New build home owners and those who have undergone a massive renovation to their property may be entitled to claim back some of this money from the tax man. This tax rebate could see you in a far better position to start decorating or to add the finishing touches to your spanking new home. Yet not everyone knows about it, not everyone uses it and not everyone gets to reap the benefits.

3D scanning what it is and how it benefits your project

 Find Out What Your Missing A Look At 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a technique that has been around for some time now, typically for surveying projects. It was only recently that they have discovered that there are numerous other applications for this technology, especially when it comes to new home construction and renovations. The fact is that 3D scanning can make a huge difference in your project for a variety of different reasons. This will take a look at what 3D scanning is and how it benefits your construction or renovation project.

DIY or Hire a Pro.

Do I DIY or Should I Hire a Professional?

If you live in Toronto and are looking to renovate your home, build something new or repair some damages then you already know the struggle of trying to find a reputable, honest firm that won't rip you off or leave the job unfinished. Sometimes, it seems, you might just be better off doing the job yourself... Stop! Read this article first and then you will be in a much more educated position from which to make your final choice.

Doing it Yourself

Home building, home renovations and custom homes in Toronto are all subjects of DIY lovers... but where do you draw the line? Certain things are easily enough fixed: a loose screw, a jamming door, a wall that needs stripped – but what about the bigger things?

Here at MGB Construction we are all for those that stand up, pick up that brush/screwdriver/hammer and get to it! However, we want you all to be safe out there and there are certain things that you just shouldn't mess with. We put some of them together for you to stop you ending up with a DIY disaster on your hands. You can thank us later... only read this first...

DIY “Do Nots”

While it is fine for you to put up a shelf, sand down a splintered window ledge or even replace an outdoor bulb; there are some things that should only ever be attempted by a trained professional. Like it or not, certain systems require years of study followed by gruelling hours of on-the-job experience learning the intricate parts that you can only pick up the hard way. So, you, sitting at home in your PJ's and re-watching a YouTube video for the 3rd time before you attempt to construct your entire home is a terrible, terrible idea.

Things to think about before you begin:

  • Your own skill levels. If you happen to be a fully qualified electrician then actually, go ahead and rewire. Otherwise leave it alone.
  • Do you have permission? Big jobs and technical aspects all need documentation, permits and inspections in Toronto. Do you have all these?
  • How much money are you willing to cost yourself by saving? Some DIY jobs seem small and get bigger and bigger the more you work on them.
  • How much time are you willing to spend? DIY projects eat into family time at evenings and weekends. If you live alone and need a new hobby then you may want to start a few small projects, but otherwise leave it to a pro.
  • Do you have all the tools you need for the project? The bigger the job, the more tools you will need. Be prepared or don't bother.
  • Do you know what to do if the project doesn’t go as planned or you come across major structural issues? Probably not. We do, so leave it to MGB Construction.

DIY to Avoid At All Costs

Even after those considerations we haven't finished yet. There are a few jobs that shouldn't be touched at all without the relevant insurance, permission or training. These jobs need to be left to those who know best and you can imagine what types of work they cover. Just in case, we listed them for you:

  • Electrical work should be carried out by qualified practitioners and nobody else.
  • Gas appliances, installations or heating systems all need to be fitted and checked regularly by a professional.
  • Plumbing needs to be done by a pro, any leaks might cause long term structural damage to your house and is not worth the chance.
  • Any work on your roof, including re-shingling.
  • Chemical work likely to contaminate the land if incorrectly completed should always be undertaken by someone with a knowledge of chemistry.
  • Asbestos removal will put you and your family in the line of immediate danger. Call a pro.
  • Any job where you need to climb a ladder or work at height needs a license.
  • Any project where you want the highest level of craftmanship. We don’t pretend to do your profession. Don’t pretend you can do ours.

Hiring a Professional

Moving swiftly on we present the opposite end of the spectrum; that of hiring a professional to do the work for you. As you can imagine this comes with a bit of a bigger price tag, but also accrues numerous benefits you just don't get when you do the work yourself. These include:

  • A professional can cover permissions and legalities on your behalf, as long as you make it clear when outlining the contract that this is what you want.
  • Hiring a pro means you have an established timescale for the work to take place, so your house won't be left at odds for months on end while you plod through the work.
  • Professionals have all the necessary accreditation for the jobs you shouldn't touch, such as electrical work, plumbing and gas safety aspects.
  • Arranged contracts allow you just as much control over the project as you would have had you done it yourself, but without all the attached backbreaking labour.
  • Professionals will have both insurance and worker's compensation from the WSIB Ontario should an accident occur, meaning you are protected financially.
  • Professionals have years of experience in crafting the perfect finish. Can you achieve that same level of attention to detail when armed with only a paintbrush and a hammer? If the answer is “no” then you need to go pro.

How do I know a Good Professional when I see one?

The CHBA basically provides a measurable mark of professional excellence. Membership within this association guarantees that the builder in question operates within their code of conduct and code of ethics, as well as ensuring safety compliance and providing an online platform loaded with resources your Toronto based renovator or contractor can access at the click of a button. On top of all of this, membership to the organization is completely voluntary... so any contractor that has joined the CHBA does so of their own free will and because they want to meet those exacting standards.

Perhaps best of all, those from the CHBA are part of a network of like-minded and honest construction firms throughout Canada whose skills they can draw upon to amp up your project. So, when it comes to selecting a contractor with a good reputation ask your firm of choice about membership. MGB Construction is a long-standing member and our staff sit on councils with the CHBA and RENOMARK programs.

Don't risk it. Site safety that must be followed.

Construction Site Safety in Toronto

Like any other industry, construction firms need to take safety seriously – maybe even more so considering the nature of the work. When it comes to health and safety around the work site you have a responsibility to always be aware of the danger you are possibly placing yourself in... whether you be worker, employer, client or visitor.

We put together this article to guide you through the dangers of construction and renovation site safety in Toronto. So, read on to make sure you are always safe!!

Your Duty On Site

When you sign a new contract either as an employer or a construction firm, you are committing yourself to all sorts of outlined parameters that the other party expects you to live up to. Most of the time, the only nod towards safety measures found in the contract are the public liability insurance you have in place combined with your registration with the WSIB. Without these two pieces of information the client has every right to reject your work offer.

Not contained within that contract is a whole unspoken agreement of which each party expects the other to be 'safe' while on site. But what does it actually entail to be safe on site? We looked at the finer points so you didn't have to go looking!

Personal Protective Equipment

Without question; personal protective equipment is the basis of any safe construction project. This means that anyone dealing with potential contaminations be given the appropriate suits, that those dealing with chemicals wear effective gloves and that anyone doing welding wears a mask. There are many, many facets to this. A primary stipulation should be that no person be allowed on site without a hard hat and a high-vis jacket.

Personal protective equipment also covers things like steel toed boots, safety goggles and any kind of speciality equipment such as breathing masks. If you expect people to cut away brick dust you must ensure their safety while they do it. If you want worker's to happily work on your project then obeying safety rules is key.

More importantly for your business, The Ministry of labour have their own inspectors liable to pop in and check the safety of your site at any moment. If you get caught making serious safety violations you may be fined. Make sure that all of your workers and any visitors to the site are properly attired and don't take any chances. A man without a hard hat is in serious danger during construction projects, don't let yourself be victim to a fine.

Designated Substance Survey

This litigation deals with the ability of a company to safely remove substances such as Asbestos from a home. Any substance or chemical which presents an active threat to the health of workers or any other occupants of the home is completely illegal. The best way to deal with chemicals when you encounter them is to call in the experts. You must obtain a DSS report to ensure a site is safe before you proceed, or face legal implications.

MSDS and Whimis

The MSDS is a guide to managing Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems, or Whimis. These contain detailed information on the way employers should handle hazardous materials to keep everyone protected. This is the ruling that forces us to put appropriate labels on toxic goods and protected the Canadian workforce from a huge number of injuries back in 1988 when the program first began. You can download a copy of employer's Whimis from the Ontario Official Website, here.

What clients need to know?

Clients don't need to know about all of this information. All they really need to check is that the contractor in question has active public liability insurance and is a member of the WSIB in Ontario. This system protects the rights of workers when they are on the job and provides ample safety information to all registered construction firms in Toronto. If a contractor does not have a letter of clearance from the WSIB, or if they do not have insurance, then look elsewhere because you may be jeopardising your project by working with them any farther.

You can take the opportunity to ask about Whimis and employee protective gear during your interview with the new contractor, or you can detail in the contract that you require proof of such. This is entirely up to you and is not a legal necessity, but it may help to protect you should anything go wrong.

What builders need to comply with?

Builders need to comply with all of the above, as well as registering with WSIB Ontario and keeping up payments to ensure their workers are insured for any on the job accidents that may happen through no fault of their own. Construction is difficult and harder still to keep safe – but as a builder you have a responsibility, not only to your crew, but to your client, to the city and to the CHBA. Follow the rules or find yourself fined, it is a simple prospect.

The Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour in Ontario operate to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries and are the driving force behind much of the workplace safety measures in construction around Toronto. They are the people that settle disputes and maintain employment standards, workplace health and safety and labour relations within Ontario. They work closely with other Health and Safety Associations as well as the construction focused ones, and are generally regarded as the experts on all thing’s workplace safety.

When you fail to comply with building safety regulations these are also the people who will close you down at the drop of a hat. So, consider yourselves warned and drop in to their webpage to familiarize yourself with everything you need to know.

.The best of home Automation

What's Trending in Home Automation Systems?

2018 was a fabulous year for home automation systems, with more and more top electronics brand names getting in on this well established and growing market. From Savant to Samsung, we have perused some of the best in trending home automation services to save you time. Read on to find out who ranks best.

Home Automation Technologies are Advancing Fast!

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular as the modern world becomes more and more digital. Home automation allows you complete control of your house whether you are in it or not with remote adjustments controlled (usually) from a mobile app. Systems can be set and checked from afar while extra issues (such as the safety and security of your property) are covered by the use of motion sensors, alarms and other methods of electronic detection.

The Smart Home is the newest way to live. It connects all of your appliances digitally and allows you to operate anything you need at the touch of a button.

What are the Best Systems?

Unsurprisingly, the best systems come from either the biggest electronic home-ware brands or the small, individual and specialist makes. Let's take a closer look at some of those named best in 2018 and compare them side by side.

What should I consider before Choosing?

There are numerous things you should take into consideration before you make a final selection on home automation system. Controls are a good starting point. Many home automation systems can be controlled through touchscreen systems of their own. The Smart Thermostat is a good example of this. Keyless entry is one of the preferred features of automation technology, and often relies on a key fob system.

Mobile application is the favoured method of control by far, as this allows you to remotely control all automated systems even if you aren't in the home. As well as control options, you have a number of optional extras in terms of security and safety. Security cameras and video doorbells are some perks of home automation, as are smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Some systems even have water leak detection systems and can identify users or “hosts” based on user data.

Finally, if you want a system that is in control of your entertainment systems then home theatre, surround sound audio and intercoms are all part of the package. What you need from a home automation system all comes down to how you live your life – but we guarantee that digitalising the small stuff leaves lots more free time for you!

Most on-trend home automation system - Samsung SmartThings

Such an established firm with such a vast research and development department couldn't help but produce one of the most treasured home automation systems of the year. The SmartThings system incorporates all sorts of different technologies with the care of your home – motion detectors and water leak sensors, for example.

Optional extras with this system include a Smart lightbulb, a video doorbell and a Netatmo Smart Thermostat, as well as the standard video camera recording and Yale keyless entry. Customers are not enthralled with the product set, but they do rate certain aspects rather highly.

Pros of Samsung SmartThings:

  • Compatible with other Z Wave products such as Fibaro and Alexa
  • Great for beginner's; easy set up and easy to use
  • Battery operated devices with good battery life
  • Bonus vibration and temperature sensors

Cons of Samsung SmartThings

  • Issues with sensitivity of the various sensors
  • Disconnection issues for some users
  • Delay in motion sensors
  • Potential issues with the alarm systems

Most Luxurious Home Automation System - Savant Smart Home Automation

A well-known name in the home systems industry, Savant have produced Home Automation throughout the entire house. This has made them one of the more popular systems of the year. With a slightly more “luxurious” price tag than certain other models this is a trendy system aimed at designer spaces.

Savant Home Automation includes all sorts of top-line extras. This includes lighting and climate adjustment, home audio and theatre systems, entry systems, multiple host registration and numerous other little optional extras that make this system a cut above the rest. For Toronto Smart Home Systems Savant really go the extra mile.

Pros of the Savant Home Automation System:

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Multiple versions that ensure compatibility with multiple devices
  • Can easily control multiple Smart systems at once without range issues
  • Works with the newest versions of OS

Cons of the Savant Home Automation System:

  • Can take a while to set up/decipher
  • Some issues with unresponsive servers
  • Some commands cannot be voice activated and require the control
  • Not the best support department

Most affordable Home Automation System – The Nest Home Automation Range

Although not a conventional home automation system, Nest provide ample products that you can install yourself and save a little cash on. We also like that you can start with only one or two of their range and build up as and when you can afford it. The individual prices make Nest simultaneously the best and the worst priced however, since if you bought the whole range you would find yourself out of pocket.

All that being said this system allows you to pick and choose which aspects of home automation you particularly want rather than giving you all of them at once which you might not use. Each product connects to the other and yet runs separately, allowing you to network or not. Nest gives you a lot of options for all it is a seemingly limited system.

The Pros of the Nest:

  • A wide range of products, include video doorbell, thermostat and energy controls and video entry,
  • Cheapest parts and can be self-installed.
  • Good range and connectivity with interchangeable products,
  • Full control over what automation systems you need and what you don't.

The Cons of the Nest Range:

  • Although the cheapest individually, the combined price when the whole set is purchased runs high.
  • Slightly less compatible with other Z Wave products than other systems.
  • More time consuming to set up and connect.
  • Little to no “luxury” features.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned before – the complexity of your home automation system depends entirely upon your own needs and wants. As we move forward into 2019, we can expect to see Samsung remain in poll position – at least for the time being. In the coming months more and more brands are going to turn their expertise towards this remarkable technology and we predict that this coming year will see some huge leaps in automation technology.

What you need to know about WSIB

WSIB and How it Benefits the Client

The Workplace Safety And Insurance Board (or WSIB) in Ontario provide worker's safety is insured while they are on a construction site. The WSIB used to be called the Worker's Compensation Board and is a vital element in the security of the industry... but how does it benefit the client? We took a closer look to find out.

What exactly does the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?

All employers in the renovation and construction industry in Ontario pay money into a province wide fund that is used to pay for any workers that are injured during the course of their duties. Monetary expenses are covered based on the employer's payroll and their accident rate. If there happens to be an accident and a worker is injured through no fault of their own then they will be reimbursed through this scheme.

If a building or renovation company does not have worker's compensation then they are operating illegally. You should never trust these firms. If there is an accident upon your property while they are working then you will be held financially accountable for any losses that they experience. This can include medical care as well as damages, leaving you liable for a costly sum.

The target of this association is to get workers fit and back into the workplace as soon as possible, while also ensuring their negative experience has not had a lifelong effect wherever possible. It benefits the worker massively on an individual level, since the employer must then make reasonable accommodations to modify their duties if they are no longer able to fully perform them as a result of accident.

Employers do have the right to contest claims but this is fairly rare. An honest company wants its workers back to full health. If you wish to read more about exactly what you should look out for when you are engaging a construction company in terms of legal matters then visit the CBHA website, here.

Who Needs WSIB?

Although on the cover it might seem like the WSIB exists only to protect the rights of workers, it does a lot more than that, too. It protects the new homeowner or person instigating the construction project from being sued for financial losses or medical costs incurred by any worker who has an accident while working on their project. If a firm does not take part in the Worker's Compensation scheme then you may have to foot the bill.

Employers also need the WSIB not only to ensure the safety of their workers, but also to comply with the law. There are some cases where contractors and renovators are exempt from this rule but if this is the case, they should be able to provide you with a letter of exemption. Otherwise steer clear and save yourself future financial heartache.

Who Pays for WSIB?

The employer pays a contribution to the scheme on a monthly or annual basis. They must register or complete an application, should they opt for exemption. Without membership the workplace safety cannot be guaranteed, so if nobody pays for the scheme in the company you are using then you, or an individual worker, could be left unprotected.

You may wish to ask your own insurance or warranty provider if they cover you for certain aspects of the project before you commit to choosing an exempt or un-registered builder. Usually though, the cost will be spread out in installation payments throughout the year and by the company that you hire. When you sign the initial building contract for any work that takes place on custom homes or home renovations in Toronto you should always be sure to ask for proof of the company's WSIB membership.

What are the Benefits of WSIB?

The benefits range from financial protection for the worker, to indemnifying the client from legal action due to workplace accidents on the property and even go as far as to protect an employer's reputation, should a job go south. Everyone involved in the home building, new home or renovation business in Ontario can benefit from WSIB involvement.

The WSIB as an organisation also offers advice, guidance and safety parameters for all agencies to follow to ensure compliance. They have an online platform full of resources employers and workers alike can draw from, and they provide a number of healthcare practitioners throughout the province.  Without such organizations the rights of workers would still be questioned in this modern day and it is thanks to trusts such as Worker's Compensation that has allowed Canada to become world renowned in the health and safety in the workplace field.

How can you get proof of WSIB?

Obtaining proof of WSIB is fairly straight forward. All you need to do is remember to ask for it in meetings with the contractor before the final deal is made. Before the contract is finalized ask your chosen company to provide you with a Letter of Clearance from the WSIB. They should have these in supply in their office and ought to be able to provide you with it. If they make excuses and delay you, or try to tell you that you don't really need this document, look elsewhere.

There are the cases of those companies that are exempt from worker's compensation for various reasons. In this instance you can still ask for proof of exemption. This will usually come in the form of a letter or signed document on WSIB headed notepaper. Again, if the paper is blank, do not sign the contract.

And Lastly...

Drawing up the contract is one of the most important steps you will take in the purchase of any building work. Pay particular attention to small details such as this one to make sure you don't end up caught out and suffering a financial loss. Remember that the presence of WSIB documentation is necessary for legal building work to be carried out in the city... so anyone who denies this or doesn't have it is likely not such a professional builder, after all.

You owe it to yourself to hire a CHBA-BILD member

How You Benefit when your Contractor is Canadian Home Builder Association Verified

Since 1943 the Canadian Home Builder's Association has sought to improve communication across the residential home building community. By engaging with one another, networking ideas and sharing legal information and guidance it is able to provide help to every home owner right when they need it most – during a renovation or when you have to choose a contractor. 

What do the Canadian Home Builder's Association Do?

The CBHA seeks to improve everyone's chances of having a fuss-free renovation. They do this by sharing hints and tips, guidance and information and by pointing you in the right direction to where you can get the information you need, should they be unable to provide it.

By connecting all the local builders, contractors and renovators under one united banner, the association is able to give practical advice on the common pitfalls associated with buying, selling, renovating and building. MGB Construction are an accredited member of the CBHA and regularly partake in its services to provide the most knowledgeable service possible.

CBHA – Assisting Toronto Renovations Through Partnership and Knowledge Sharing

Naturally, when you become a member of an organization such as the CBHA your ability to complete Toronto renovations with both style and flair increases ten fold – not least because member firms have instant access to a plethora of design ideas and industry leading construction knowledge.

What Being a CBHA Member Means

MGB Construction have found that building our Toronto Custom Homes is much simpler when you have the backing of the association behind you! Membership means that we can engage in monthly networking meetings, seminars and awards programs. It encourages friendly competition and allows members to benefit with having a voice on local government.

Not only are member firms represented better in terms of government regulation and policies – they also have better standards, adhere to all health codes and follow environmental procedures all in line with CBHA parameters. When you hire a renovator or a Toronto based contractor for your home building experience, you want to know that your contractor has all of these things – and more!

Members of the CBHA have the backing of a $128 billion industry along with 8,500 other member companies to draw experience and knowledge from... perhaps the question ought to be why you would choose not to hire a CBHA listed firm?!

How this benefits you!

There are a number of ways that choosing a CBHA registered building contractor or renovator can help secure the future of your Toronto renovation. First of all, there are a few standards that the simple act of membership ensures in your workmen. To become a member you must have a registered business with all of the appropriate insurances. This means that, should something go wrong, you are covered for any incidents.

Safety is another huge area where member stand out. Safety standards among members are kept high to ensure regulatory compliance at all stages of the building or renovation project. The Association also advises on building law and permissions, so if you choose to work with a member of the CHBA you know you can rely on them for all the most knowledgeable regulatory advice. Of further benefit to the client is the online platform that contractors can use to follow trends in materials, check pricing, consult for opinions or simple browse photographs for inspiration. Members have access to all sorts of useful information that you won't be able to utilize should you go elsewhere.

Other benefits include:

  • Solely professional builders and contractors can join the CBHA. Hiring from among these professionals allows you a guaranteed level of commitment you can't find in other places.
  • All members voluntarily contribute to the CBHA. This means that they voluntarily submit to be part of the detailed ethics code that is based on the principles of fairness, integrity and consumer satisfaction (CHBA).
  • The Association provides training courses for members so they can stay ahead of regulations, trends and technology – and up-to-date contractors are safer, faster and use better equipment than those who are not regularly trained.
  • Members have instant access to thousands of other minds, ideas and skills – all they need do is ask!
  • The honest integrity with which the CBHA operates is renowned throughout Canada,

Asides from anything else, dealing with professionals from this association allows you the safety and security of knowing you won't get ripped off. CBHA builders will never leave a contract unfinished, will always work fairly and will be on hand should you need any follow up work in the future.

How can you tell if your Renovator is CBHA Registered?

Any member of the Association ought to wear their badge with pride. However, the Association visibly publishes a list of all their members so that you can double check. If you are in any doubt about a builder or renovator's authenticity in terms of claiming to be a member, you can follow this link to their site, enter the firms name and check for yourself.

Remember, hiring a registered member gives you greater security and control over your project. Choosing the correct contractor for you can be a tough business when you don't know where to look. Every year dozens of cases similar to this one, from Money Saving Expert, sees building jobs left unfinished while rogue builders take the money and run. When you choose the CHBA you eliminate that possibility.

MGB Construction and the CHBA

Here at MGB Construction we are strategic worksite managers of distinction. We voluntarily partake in membership of the Canadian Home Builder's Association because our top-quality standards match their top-quality codes of conduct. As specialists in Toronto based custom homes it is our ideal to create comfort and style for all of our clients – without any fear of a job gone undone.

Hiring from MGB Construction allows you the peace of mind you can only get from choosing an Association member. From honesty and integrity to fairness and equality, from start to perfect finish, every time.

Construction financing, find out how it can work for you?


Financing your construction project can be difficult. You can bet on unexpected surprises, additional costs and problems to arise in every build, no matter how well you plan or how good your building team is. In this article we will discuss private lenders to finance your construction. We will look into the costs, how to apply and the risks and factors you need to take into account before signing.

Benefits of continuous Insulation

When it comes to the construction of a building, so may factors come into play to ensure that the quality of the structure is at a premium. From the foundation upwards, your builder needs to be aware every step of the way to avoid mistakes or simple misunderstandings that can be costly later on. In this article, we discuss the benefits of continuous insulation, what this means and what are our products of choice when it comes to insulating your walls.

Mixed use infill properties in Toronto.

As condominiums are fast becoming the staple of Toronto housing, property owners and renters are looking to alternative and more favorable conditions to escape the monotony of a condo as their living space of choice. Toronto, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and by far the largest. A metropolitan hub, this well sought-after city is struggling to accommodate all who wish to come and live here.

Which Contract is best for you?

As you consider building a property either from the ground up or remodeling and modernizing an existing building, you need team of experts to help you get the job done right. MGB Construction does an amazing job at making your vision become a reality but it isn’t just the building team who brings you the complete package. Construction companies can offer a range of packages as they work in conjunction with companies from other trades. This can be a benefit to the client simply by minimizing confusion with timing and dates, as anyone who has had any project will know that if one party is late, it holds up the whole show. You may discover that choosing a combined contract may or may not cost you more in the long run, as administration takes its cut. It depends on the working relationship between the builder their trades and suppliers.

Don't be left in the cold

Landscaping Trends

No one can really predict the future, and landscaping is so diverse as everyone’s backyard has different characteristics that need to be accommodated for. One backyard may get a whole lot of sun, whilst another enjoys the evening sun only, which would mean different priorities for both of those spaces. But general trends can be seen rising and falling from year to year and some new left-wing ideas come out of the blue that blow potential landscaping homeowners away.

Toronto Laneway Housing Procedure

As one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world, Toronto has become an ideal place to live. But as more and more people flock to this great city, an expected housing crisis has occurred, forcing lower income people out and changing the shape and feel of the city. Rent prices are exuberant, and people are looking for an alternative answer.

Here comes laneway housing. Finally, politicians have begun to remove the red tape surrounding this potential problem solver, allowing for more buildings that back onto these old lanes to build additional buildings or ‘granny flats. The move will allow for approximately 250km of laneways to be changed into viable housing options.

Toronto Laneway Housing Procedure

As one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world, Toronto has become an ideal place to live. But as more and more people flock to this great city, an expected housing crisis has occurred, forcing lower income people out and changing the shape and feel of the city. Rent prices are exuberant, and people are looking for an alternative answer.

Here comes laneway housing. Finally, politicians have begun to remove the red tape surrounding this potential problem solver, allowing for more buildings that back onto these old lanes to build additional buildings or ‘granny flats. The move will allow for approximately 250km of laneways to be changed into viable housing options.

Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Remodeling any part of your home is a big decision. It is undoubtedly a good one, as revamping any space adds value to your home, increases comfort for you and your family and not to mention is it enjoyable to change up the spaces you live in. The bathroom is a big renovation and one that is best to do at a time that you have put aside specifically. It is wise to get the job done properly first time so that nothing comes back to bite you a few months down the track. Consider that your bathroom renovation is going to take time, money and resources. But the end result can really make a home, as the practicality and functionality of your bathroom space adds value and comfort.
As we progress into a more technologically savvy world, our choices in how we live have become as unlimited as our imaginations. We have a global audience in which to bounce ideas off and gather information, we are more ecologically savvy and bolder and edgier in our decorative choices. Here are some of the latest trends in bathroom renovations to inspire your next bathroom do-over.

Latest Trends in Kitchen Renovations

Remodeling any part of your home is a big decision. It is undoubtedly a good one, as revamping any space adds value to your home, increases comfort for you and your family and not to mention is it enjoyable to change up the spaces you live in. The kitchen is one of the biggest renovations in your home, and it is also one of the places where you spend most of your time, so you definitely will be adding those extra layers of appreciation and practicality when tackling this area.

When it comes to renovating the kitchen, there are no real short cuts. It is wise to get the job done properly first time so that nothing comes back to bite you a few months down the track. Consider that your kitchen renovation is going to take time, money and resources. You cannot do this one-half mast. Being the room where you spend a great deal of time, making masterpieces of your own, you need to ensure you are comfortable, it is practical and that you are inspired by your surroundings.

What you ought to know about the committee of adjustment process in Toronto


 If you are considering building in Toronto, or own a property and want to renovate or build new on the property, more often then not you will need a minor variance, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations in place. There is a committee of adjustment in place and specific guidelines are in place for each neighbourhood in Toronto. Let us take a look at the committee of adjustment process from start to finish for building in Toronto.

Great team works creates exceptional results

The construction industry has largely been a fragmented sector, with various professional teams coming together to work on a particular project and then moving onto a different project. The separation between architects, engineers, interior designers, and builders, however, leads to poor communication and coordination between the trades, which combined with incomplete specifications or underfunding can greatly hamper progress and the finished product.

Considerations before you renovate in Toronto

A home renovation is something most people only experience a few times in life, if ever. Part of what MGB brings to the table is vast experience in renovation. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners through the complex but always rewarding process of home renovation. Here are a few items to consider before renovating your home in Toronto.

The Ins and Outs of Condominium Renovation: What You Need to Know

Due to the appeal of a management company, nearby neighbors, and the overall community that comes from living in a condo, these personal luxury apartment units are in high demand today. However, despite the community, your condo is still your home, which means you reserve the right to renovate it from time to time. As part of a network, there are different concerns and regulations you need to follow during this renovation period, which is why it’s so important to work with a local renovations company that understands Toronto condos.

Make Your Dream a Reality: The Advantages to Building a Custom Home

The Absolute Best Reasons for Building a Custom Home Building a custom home is one of the most exciting and fulfilling projects you can go through in your lifetime. Nothing compares to the feeling of designing your very own living space to perfectly fit your needs. No one else lives exactly the way you do, and building a custom home is an amazing opportunity to create a place you will fall in love with.

5 Ways to Avoid Bad Contractors in Toronto

How to Avoid Bad Contractors in Toronto

You've likely heard horror stories from friends or neighbors where their initial excitement at building a new home or starting a remodel quickly changed to frustration when it seemed like everything was going wrong. Imagine expensive windows broken during installation, extensive property damage from heavy equipment, subcontractors weeks behind schedule, and a fireplace installed in the wrong room.